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Ridgeway Media is a branding and design studio based in Faringdon, Oxfordshire.

I‘m Ollie, a brand identity designer and content creator. I help small businesses improve their branding to look more polished and stand out in the marketplace.


Branding Design - Website Design - Content Production - Drone Videography - Social Media Management

Reasons Your Company Might Need To Work With Me:


You made your logo yourself, but now your business has grown and you want to look more professional.


You setup a social media channel, but never have the time or knowledge to keep it running. 


You used a website template, but now it isn't up-to-date or relevant and you want it to look professional. 


Your social media channels aren't growing, despite your efforts to keep posting on them!


You need to refresh your branding to stand out more within your local community and increase sales.

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Faringdon, United Kingdom.  |  Tel: 07788 267 105

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