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Brecon Bikesmith - Branding Design

Brecon Bikesmith

John came to us in 2020 as he was starting up a new company, offering bike mechanic services in the Brecon area. He had a few key elements that he would like to fit into his design, one of which was the landscape of Brecon. 

As an area we love, it was great to be able to do some research on this and discover some beautiful landscapes that would work well. The design also had to work well with his target audience, mostly mountain bikers and other cyclists in the area.

We were overjoyed with the outcome!

An overall crest logo was created, with a bike sprocket and chain thrown in there. We opted for the eastern face of Pen-Y-Fan mountain and its iconic silhouette to really add some personality to the design. 

John was super happy with the outcome and has been using it to great effect!