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RPX Physio - Branding Design

RPX Physio

We took on this project for Darshane last summer. He is a fully-qualified physiotherapist, who was splitting his time between working in the NHS and setting himself up privately. 

Working within the fitness industry, he was keen to have a design that would appeal to this target audience and make him stand out. Darshane didn't have many specific requirements, so we had free reign on the designs. 

From our conversation, it was clear that a strong circular badge style logo would work well for him and allow him flexibility across all the platforms he was planning to use it. 

Darshane has been great at implementing his brand across both digital and print domains. With a strong 3-colour theme, he's been alternating between the three colours to form a really effective visual image. 

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photo_2021-06-20 09.55.13.jpeg